Sincerely Creative Co. is a graphic design studio and book bindery born in Los Angeles, California. Whether I’m working on custom branding and graphic design, or making handmade products for home and office, I approach very project with a holistic design process, thoughtful precision, and zealous creativity.

By trade I am a graphic designer and prop-maker for film with a background in fine art bookmaking. In our digital world, I passionately celebrate book arts, paper craft, and print design. This year, my studio launched an online shop, selling my handcrafted sketchbooks and journals, as well as photo prints from my analog film photography work.

Early on in my career I learned that one of the best ways to set my graphic design work apart was to get away from the computer and incorporate the handmade into my work. In my formative years as a graphic designer I spent time in papermaking studios, bookbinding classes, film photography labs, and countless weekends and hours repairing the battered old letterpress machine that the rest of the university art department had abandoned. I continue to be inspired by works of the past and the skilled artists who made them. I’ve held a book from the 1700s in my hands and am amazed at the simple beauty and timeless resilience of a hand bound book. I am convinced that books will continue to stand the test of time and to that end I find great joy in making them.

I carefully select my paper stock and premium materials, hand-stitching every book with a waxed thread. Every part of designing my products (whether it be a logo, a book, or a film photograph) considers the tactile experience. My books are meant to be touched, folded, written on, and thoroughly enjoyed. My logos are designed with character and handmade touches. My favorite line of products is a collection of hand-bound leather journals featuring authentic antique paper with a dramatic story. Through the bravery of one shop keeper, this paper survived World War ll and forceful government takeovers and was preserved (in secret) for 70 years. I call it the Resilience Collection.

Everything I do is influenced by a fierce love of graphic design, typography, art history, and the process of making things with my hands. Tough currently a one-woman show, I envision Sincerely Creative Co. evolving into a design collective: a place where designers of diverse talents and backgrounds work together to create incredible pieces that tell human stories.