Words have a life of their own. Through my previous work with acrylic painting and current work with letterpress printing, I combine the two to marry image with message. Through this, I explore my fascination with how things work together. Which do you do first, read the message or look at the image? How does the color and texture enhance the message? How do you, the viewer, connect with the art? What deeper meaning or inspiration do you gain from it?

A graduate of the University of Alabama MFA Book Arts program and teacher in both public schools and at the University level, I share my craft with others through studio workshops, custom letterpress printing and book binding, and of course inspiring works of art. In addition to my studio, many of my artist books can be viewed in special collections libraries including the Smithsonian’s American History Museum, Duke and Vanderbilt Universities and other private collections. Stop by for a visit; there is always something going on at the studio!