My passion is creating art that crosses the boundary of the pedestal and display cabinet into the hands of the viewer, to be used every day. I enjoy providing art that stimulates the eyes and mind, speaks to the heart, but serves a practical daily purpose beyond just aesthetic enjoyment.

I find my inspiration in native Alabama wildlife and horticulture along with ocean creatures, and am especially drawn to those things that tread the line between beautiful and grotesque. Cephalopods, reptiles, amphibians and carnivorous plants are some of my favorite imagery to work with. I believe ugliness and beauty aren’t necessarily contradictory terms. They can exist in the same place, but it all depends on your perspective and focus.

I am in love with all aspects of working with clay, but I am particularly fascinated with glaze chemistry and creating my own glaze formulations. All of my glazes are made in my studio, by traditional methods. My focus is on creating dynamic surfaces and active glaze effects in cone 6 oxidation environments.


Email Phone (205) 240-5554