Some ideas I enjoy exploring: portraiture, abstract landscapes, and nature. Currently I am exploring plein air painting, as well as working on a series studying the form of trees.

I draw inspiration from people watching, nature, travel, and reminiscing with family and friends. Beauty is everywhere, and art is transcendent. My sincere hope is that you find something you can connect with in my paintings.

Stacie Netherton is a painter from Upper Cumberland area in Tennessee. Her interest in painting began when she was young and studied patterns and color as her mother quilted on a hanging frame and observed her father paint in the kitchen using a chair as an easel and a pie tin for his palette.

She is returning from a ten year hiatus in which she worked in the public library field. Stacie works in oils with a focus on portraiture, the natural world, and abstract landscape. She has a BFA and MA from Tennessee Technological University and an MS from the University of Tennessee.