I started selling pops in the summer of 2011 at the Greene Street Market in downtown Huntsville when a dear friend and I brought a cooler of Raspberry Hibiscus, Key Lime Pie, and Peach Basil ice pops as part of a free food demonstration to shoppers at the market. The next week we were back as a business with a tent, a freezer, and small batches of ice pops for a crowd of happy customers.

My mission at Suzy’s Pops is to produce gourmet ice pops from the freshest local ingredients, an ample portion of enthusiasm and a soupçon of mama love. Once you try Suzy’s Gourmet Market Ice Pops you’ll never say “I want a red one” again. Instead you’ll be raving about the Blueberry Yin/Yang, Orange Campari, Watermelon Rosemary, Pear Riesling, Rainbow, and Wormy Apple pops, just to name a few! When you buy Suzy’s Pops you’re helping to support local farmers, too. I’m proud to get much of our produce from Champion Farms in Falkville and Scott’s Orchard in Hazel Green, among others. I love North Alabama and want to support its growers.

I’m very proud have my kitchen and retail shop in historic Lowe Mill A&E. My studio is in the North Hall, Studio 2060. If you turn left when you enter the North Hall just follow the red line to my door at the end of the hall! The space is a former science lab, so I’ve done my best to celebrate the laboratory in the way I’ve set up the space. In typical Huntsville style, our bumper stickers say “Suzy’s Pops– it’s not rocket science– it’s pop science!”

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