art cart kimFor several years Lowe Mill faced a very simple problem: A building with over 100 working artists and the nearest art supply store is still a drive away! Enter savvy independent businesswoman Kim Dauser.

Problem solved.

Kim’s ‘Art Cart’ provides Lowe Mill artists with all the quality materials and supplies our artists could ask for. It also makes Lowe Mill not only a place where visitors can see art, but a place where visitors can get inspired by what our artists are making and immediately pick up the supplies needed to make creations of their own!

Do you hate scrounging for art supplies in town? Gee whiz! Our founder did too! We exist to bring art supplies to you. Our inventory ranges from paints, brushes and mediums to specialty items like marble dust and charcoal powder. Can’t find what you need locally? Let us know. We can help.

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