Our studio focuses on the fun and fantastic. It is run and operated by an artist, and an engineer. Each piece is unique and different, and we very much enjoy pushing our limits. Our studio stands out because we are always changing our process. We are inventors, movers and shakers who are constantly dreaming up new ideas. Our hands craft everything from paintings, to up-cycled jewelry, to restored and modified one of a kind antique radios. Our menagerie of art finds itself deeply rooted in fantasy and post-modern styles. We find it hard to place ourselves in a certain category, as both of us offer so many unique skills between us. The passion to recycle and create is interwoven deep into our studio.

Our studio is certainly mixed media, and one of a kind. Our up-cycled jewelry and hand-restored and repurposed antique radios are certainly a unique addition to the wonderful community; the bright pops of color and uncommon subject matter entice the imagination of others. We love to show the public how we work, and teach others how to recycle old items in our studio.

We love the cozy atmosphere, the tight knit community of artists; the Mill is reminiscent of the coziness of an old studio on campus, and it feels like home to us.

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