Of the many fine artists capturing the serene settings of Huntsville, Alabama, few can compare to watercolor powerhouse Yuri Ozaki. If not only for the sheer number of paintings Ozaki has created of Huntsville’s beautiful locations and colorful people, the perceptive eye and tremendous skill she imbues in each work places her in a special class of truly ‘local’ artists. From the coffee bars and parks of our “Rocket City” to the mysterious forests of her native Japan, Yuri renders the landscape with a keen awareness of detail and color.

Viewers of Ozaki’s work are often amazed by her ability to paint water and reflection, seen in sidewalk puddles and mountain streams rendered so carefully that they might be photographs. In addition to her landscapes, Yuri also has a strong understanding of the human form, regularly creating sketches and portraits that capture the full emotional range of her subjects with confident, graceful line work.

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