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Our next Reception Night is coming up, and we couldn’t be more excited. Since our new gallery coordinator has taken over, opening receptions have grown into an event of their own. We get really excited about it, but no matter how much we promote, no matter how much we spread the word, some people are still confused as to what “Reception Night” actually is. Reception Night Poster Nov 13

You probably have a general idea of an opening reception at a museum or gallery. Once an artist’s work goes on display, the venue will host an opening reception honoring that artist’s exhibition. People are then invited to meet the artist and hear about his or her work during opening reception, and then said exhibition is officially on display.

But our receptions are a little different. Rather than hosting one reception at a time, we tear down all 7 of our galleries, fill them with new works, and then invite the public to spend the evening interacting with each artist and their works during our Reception Night. Food and drinks are served, and several of our studios are open, making our opening receptions a little more exciting. Attendees truly get their fill of the arts–meeting the artists, viewing new pieces, and experiencing a variety works, mediums, stories, colors, textures, sights, sounds, and cultures throughout each gallery all on one night.

It’s the only way to experience an opening reception, really.

This go-round, we have some unbelievable exhibitions including the works of Tim Kerr who was the flagship exhibiting artist for Third Man Records as well as the exploration of three Southern painters’, Logan Tanner, Robert Bean, and Kristy Jane From-Brown, and their shared but distinct cultural experience.

Learn about our upcoming Reception Night and new exhibitions by visiting our art shows collection.

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