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Molly Reid, you are so strong, and the message you delivered was beautiful, powerful, and important.

During Friday’s Concert on the Dock performance with Opposite Box, Molly decided to tackle a very relevant issue with a live body acceptance performance. What she did took a lot of courage and strength, and we are so thankful that she brought this message to Lowe Mill.

This Is My Home
a poem by Molly Reid

This Is My Home
I am fat
I am bold
I am beautiful.

Still I have tried to be what I am not.
I have covered it up in shame and shrouds of disappointment.
I have hoped
It might wither and die
To be an acceptable corps.


I have starved it.
I have torn muscles and ligaments in the effort to keep it moving for fear someone might see me be still.
I have worn nothing but black for years.
I have not allowed people to see me eating for fear of their judgment.
I have endured the smug voices of doctors, baristas, boys behind me in line in gym, co-workers, someone at the next table and cabdrivers who have thought it their place,
Their right to tell me what must do to fix my fat body.
I mutilated my insides and held my breath.
I prayed that I would become nothing more than a fat shadow on the wall.

I am no shadow.

I am a spirit so bold and so strong
That the house I live in must be big,
It must bulge even and ungulate with the power it must contain.

This Body
This is my Home
where real food is consumed
butter and dark hand kneaded bread
Mangos and Collard greens
clean beef and butter beans.

This is my home
Worn and growing older
But with bright amber window eyes
Where desire and joy exist in equal measure
Where pleasure in touch and warm kisses are savored
Where I wake up with gratitude for what is and shall come
Where I bask in the soft comfort of lying against my lover’s body
Where I dance to the music of life
Where I stretch toward the sun then touch the ground.
Where I savor the sting and strain of a challenge.
Where I laugh so loud I jiggle
Where I sip from a cup of sweet chocolaty grace in being me

This is my home
I rest easy in it.
I fill it to its edges and will deny no part of it.
I tend to its bruises and build up its strength.
I love it.
I honor it
Until in death I depart it.

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