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Photo by Lillie Marshall. Check out her website here

Last May, Lillie Marshall of the popular travel blog “Around the World L” visited Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment. Marshall wrote an article on her blog about the Mill, and included stories about her day walking around the halls, vibrant photos of studios and artwork, and interviews with some of the artists and makers in the building.

Since published, the article gained attention by Marshall’s readers all over the world. By the time she did her end-of-the-year popularity rankings to feature some of 2017’s most popular articles, Lowe Mill A&E found its way to number five on that list, with almost 2,000 views.

After Lowe Mill A&E shared the news on our social media websites, the article’s views increased quickly. In just a few days, our post received over 100 shares on Facebook, raising our article from number 5 to number 3 on popularity rankings.

Marshall was excited when she saw the attention the article was given. “I’ve written over 700 articles since starting in 2009, and there are always some that have a special place in my heart, where I send a special wish into the universe that they go viral,” says Marshall. “The article about Lowe Mill was one of those special ones because I had such a wonderful time visiting the studios, and tried to reflect that love in the photos and article. When I saw the post was going viral, getting shared and read like crazy, I was thrilled. The more people who see the fabulousness of that place and those people, the better!”

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