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Huddle up, team. It’s time for an important, quick talk.

Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment is about to GROW. In 2014 we are expanding our already large roster of studio and business spaces into a part of this old factory building that until now has been used for storage by another company. This expansion is significant, y’all. As in, we will increase the square footage of our huge operation by about 1/3.

For Huntsville this means a lot more space for new artists and businesses. We already have many people applying for space here, but we will ALWAYS welcome more.

Here is everything you need to know about applying for space at Lowe Mill:

1) Anyone can apply. Contact out Executive Director for an application. Contact info is on our website.

2) Applications are approved or denied through an anonymous jury process. No one at Lowe Mill can help you get in. Approval is based on merit.

3) The rubric for judging applications focuses on quality of work, quality of the application presentation itself, and how the applicant would fit into the Lowe Mill community. Why do you want to be at Lowe Mill and not any other rentable space? How can you benefit our creative community and how can our community benefit you?

4) Applications that are hastily put together do not fly. If you do decide to apply, treat it as seriously as you would a job interview. There is no deadline for getting your application in, so take time to make the best impression possible.

5) We love independent businesses and organizations. However, we only jury in businesses that have a creative focus. If you make something unique, or provide a creative service, by all means apply! If your businesses is a reseller of franchised or licensed products your time will probably be better spent looking for a different location. We want hand-made!

That’s everything you need to know. Now share this info with that creative person or group in your life who needs to take the next step!

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